Thank you for showing an interest in Quilling, the ancient art of paper rolling. Quilling is a craft for all ages.If you would like to start Quilling, you could try one of our Quilling Kits, maybe the Basic Quilling Kit or the Flower Quilling Kit.For children over 5 years old, the Children’s Kit is ideal.There is also a Christmas Kit to make all your Christmas cards and a Fringed Flower Kit which has everything you need to make fringed flowers, including a little gadget that will hold the paper whilst you fringe it with scissors (not included) and a quilling tool.The Quilling tools are also available separately. Once you are hooked, there are some very pretty coloured strands to choose from. The rainbow strands are a nice way to get a good stock of colours, the dark centred strands are lovely for fringed flowers – you can get two flowers out of each strand.We also have a good stock of cards, wedding stationary and other objects in the on-line catalogue. Special items can be created on request. For a quote, please contact us with details of your requirement.I have been a member of the Quilling Guild since 1983. If you need any information about the guild, please get in touch.

Happy Quilling!

Marjorie, Crafty Quilling